Attention UFS Players!  We are happy to announce the return of 4 previously banned characters in new and appropriately balanced versions!  Read on to find all the information about the new Most Recent Printing versions of Zoey***, Twinkle Murdock**, Liu Kang**, and Quan Chi**!  The new MRP characters will be Standard and Turbo Legal (where applicable) March 1, 2019.

Banned Version

New MRP Version

Notable Changes

The change to Zoey’s Form ability was done to curb the oppressive early aggression she was previously able to easily execute due to her ability to overly benefit from playing low risk, high reward attacks as early as the first turn of the game.  This was also done to better facilitate future design of low cost utility attacks that are not intended to be reused multiple times during a turn.

There are two major changes to Twinkle Murdock’s abilities.  The first change was to add a Commit cost to the top Enhance, forcing the player to have to decide if and when to use the ability and whether or not that is more beneficial than leaving her ready to use the second damage and speed boosting ability.

The second change was to add a Once per game cost to her Response.  The ability to cancel any one of your opponent’s non-character abilities is very powerful, and can often be game changing.  Twinkle Murdoch’s ability to do this every turn, while mitigating a typically strong cost, was deemed far too powerful.  She still retains this ability but now can only cancel one ability per game, still leaving her with an emergency escape plan like the fearsome eco-terrorist she is.

Liu Kang also has two major changes, as his previous abilities created an oppressive non-player experience for his opponent, allowed him to dig through his deck to find blocks on defense, and rewarded him far too greatly for simply playing out his turn.

The first correction was to change the condition of his Response from simply playing a Combo attack to playing a Combo ability.  While the ability is still powerful, this change gives his opponent an opportunity to set up defensive options and not immediately be put in a situation that is nearly impossible to overcome.

The second correction was to add a Commit cost to his Enhance.  Liu Kang was too freely able to sculpt a perfect attack string on offense and to pick up blocks on defense.  He is still able to utilize these tools, but now players must choose if and when to best use them, as they can no longer be used multiple times every turn.

Quan Chi was a character who was able to exploit once per turn character abilities repeatedly during a turn as well as overly punish his opponent for playing abilities during attacks, discouraging opponents from interacting during games.  To alleviate this we decided to make two changes.

The first change was to add a Twice per turn restriction to Quan Chi’s enhance.  We wanted to still encourage players to be creative when thinking of card interactions while also having players make strategic decisions of when to use the ability.  We feel this more fairly captures the feel of a character who enthralls the minds of his opponents.

The second change was to add a Once per Enhance Step restriction to Quan Chi’s response.  We feel that this gives Quan Chi a functional utility ability on par with other characters in UFS.  The ability still forces opponents to choose their enhances wisely without fully discouraging interactive play.

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